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Why does vacuum in steam condenser reduce or drop??

  1-High exhaust temperature: Vacuum drops or maintains at lower side due to high exhaust steam temperature flow into steam condenser. This high exhaust temperature is mainly due to 1-Operation of Turbine at lower loads 2-More clearance in labyrinth seals 3-Not operating exhaust hood sprays 4-More load on condenser 5-Breaking of ejector U loop 2-Low circulating cooling water flow Vacuum in condenser reduces due to inadequate cooling water flow through steam condenser. This is mainly due to; 1-Problems associated with pumps 2-Air pockets in pipe line 3-Leakages in cooling water line 4-Stuck of discharge valve of pump 3-High cooling water temperature at condenser inlet Higher cooling water temperature at condenser inlet results into reduction of vacuum due to poor heat transfer from steam to water 4-Poor heat transfer in condenser Very less or poor heat transfer in steam condenser reduces vacuum to very low level resulting into high exhaust temperature &am

60-Best Questions & Answers on Basics of Electrical for Power plant Mechanical Engineers

1-What is an electrical energy? It is an invisible form of energy, whose presence cannot be seen, but can be felt by its various effects like heating, lighting and chemical effect. 2-What are the different sources of electrical energy/power? Hydraulic power, thermal power, Diesel power, Nuclear power, Wind power, solar power, geothermal power and tidal power. 3-What is an electrical current? Electrical current is continuous flow of electrons in a conductor, in a particular direction. It is measured in amperes (A). 4-What is Electromotive force (E.M.F)? It is the force which circulates or tends to circulate the electric current, in an electrical circuit. In S.I unit it is measured in volts (V). 5-What is potential difference (PD)? Potential difference between any two points of an electrical circuit is the difference in electrical pressure between these points. 6-What do you meant by voltage? It is the measure of electrical pressure between two points of an Elect