Standard Operation Procedure of Oil filter & oil Cooler change over


SOP: Oil Filter Change Over

Follow the below mentioned steps for changeover of filter.

This procedure is valid for duplex filter.

  • Ensure Filter DP is high enough to change the running filter to stand by filter.
  • Ensure that stand by filter is provided with filter element, which is cleaned or replaced with a new one.
  • Open the vent of the standby filter.
  • Crack- open the filter equalizer line.
  • See that air is coming out of filter, close vent as soon as full bore liquid comes out of it.
  • Operate change over mechanism.
  • Observe that filter DP has come down to minimum DP position in the indicator.
  • Close the equalizer line.
  • Clean the choked filter & keep ready for immediate use.

SOP: Cleaning of Choked oil Filter Element

Follow below steps to clean or replace filter element.

  • Open drain and vent of choked filter.
  • Ensure complete draining of filter body.
  • Open the filter flange and remove the filter element(s).
  • Clean the filter body from inside.
  • Clean the filter element with fresh water/ petrol and dry it with dry air, if it is a reusable filter or use new cartridge if it is a non-reusable one.
  • Close the filter flange.

Oil Cooler Change Over

This procedure is valid where duplex type oil cooler is provided. When running cooler is required to do maintenance due to leakage, non-performing etc., it needs to change over to standby one. Proceed as per below mentioned steps for cooler change operation.

  • Ensure stand-by one ready for operation.
  • Ensure stand-by oil cooler vents on both tube and shell side of the cooler is open.
  • Ensure the cooler drains are closed.
  • Charge Cooling water in the cooler and close waterside vents after removing entrapped air.
  • Open cooler oil equalizer line. It takes some times to fill a cooler.
  • Close oil vent once entrapped air is completely removed.
  • Operate change over mechanism.

Check all the parameters of oil and cooling water.

Control oil temperature by operating CW valve.

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