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Boiler Feed Pumps Design factors & Pump Capacity calculation

  DESIGN DATA FOR BOILER FEED PUMS   Design data from site:   Ø   Type of liquid handled and its maximum & minimum temperatures Ø   Water qualities like pH & Hardness Ø   Water Kinematic Viscosity (cst) Ø   Specific gravity of water at operating temperature Ø   Net positive suction head required (NPSHR)& available (NPSHA) Ø   Boiler capacity & operating pressure Ø   Maximum & operating blow down rate of Boiler Ø   Height of Steam drum Ø   Height of Deaerator (Water inlet source) Ø   Pressure drop in Economiser Ø   No.of valves used in feed water discharge line & corresponding pressure drop as per standard. Ø   Maximum & minimum suction pressure available at pump suction Ø   Type of cooling water & its maximum flow available for bearings cooling   Pump Design Data: Ø   Rated flow (M3/hr) Ø   Rated head (meters) Ø   Nominal speed & Effective speed (RPM) (NS > ES) Ø   NPSHR (meter) Ø   Pump & Motor effici

33-most frequently asked questions & answers on air compressors

1-What are the functions of air compressors in power plants? The functions of the compressor is to take a definite quantity of fluid (air or gas) & deliver it at a required pressure 2-What are the applications of compressed/pressurized air in power plants? Operating the control valves Operating the solenoid valves Operating the dome valves in ash handling system Air dampers operation in fans Operating pneumatic tools 3-How does air compressor work? & what are the effects of compression on air? An air compressor takes in atmospheric air. Compresses it and delivers this air to a storage vessel from which it will be conveyed by the pipe line to the required equipments. Effects of compression: Air pressure & temperature increases & moisture content in air increases 4-What are the various types of air compressors used in power plants? Generally reciprocating, screw & centrifugal air compressors are used. 5-How does the positive displacement

Boiler feed pumps (BFP) questions & answers for interview

Boiler feed pumps (BFP) questions & answers for interview: 1-What is the function of Boiler feed pumps (BFP) in power plant? Functions: To supply the feed water to boilers To conduct the Boiler hydraulic tests To supply the desuperheating & attemperator water required for process steam lines & boilers respectively TOP-6 BEST POWER PLANT O&M BOOKS Boiler calculations for Boiler operation engineer (BOE) exam Viva Questions & answers for preparation of BOE exam & interview  2- What are the type of prime movers (drives) used for BFPs? Prime movers: LT drive (415 V) HT drive (11 KV) Turbo drive (Steam driven) 3-What are the auxiliaries associated with BFP? BFP auxiliaries Cooling water pump & lines Lube oil system ARC valve Mechanical seal flushing system Balance leak off line & its PRV 4-What are the various pipe lines connected to BFP? Questions & Answers on AFBC Boilers Suction pipe line D