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Clear steps for Boiler Safety valves major overhauling

 Boiler Safety valve major overhauling steps Cleaning of safety valve Complete dismantling of safety valve. Cleaning, polishing & buffing of parts. Thorough inspection of all parts. Seat & disc lapping Spindle run out (bend) checking Spring checking for any abnormalities like crack, bend, reduced tension etc Lapping of both disc & seat. Inspection of upper & lower ring teeth for damage/crac Measurement & re-assembly. Inspection of discharge pipe connection. If there is telescopic discharge pipe, then ensure a gap of minimum 10 mm for thermal expansion. ASSEMBLY STEPS. 1-After seat & disc lapping, place lower nozzle ring on seat & level both the faces 2-After leveling, turn the lower ring by 3 notches in clockwise direction. For example if Safety valve’s operating pressure is 117 kg/cm2, then 117 kg/cm2/42.4 kg/cm2 = 2.75 Appx. 3 Nos i.e 42.4 kg/cm2 for every notch (For more details, refer manufacturing data)   Then lock the lo

Turbine oil and transformer oil standard testing parameters

  TURBINE OIL STANDARD PARAMETERS OIL: Servo prime 46T Testing frequency: Every 6 months Sl No. Oil Property UOM Test Method Acceptable limits 1 Appearance NA Visual Clear/yellow Viscous liquid 2 Colour Hazen ASTM D1500 < 2 3 Density Kg/m3 IS 1448-P-16:1990 820-870 4 Flash Point 0 C ATM D 93 > 180 5 Kinematic Viscosity at 40 0 C Cst ATM D 445-17a 43-48 6 Kinematic Viscosity at 100 0 C Cst ATM D 445-17a >6.7 7 Viscosity index NA ASTM D 2270 > 98 8 PRPVOT (Revolving Presure Vessel Oxidation  Stabilty Test)

Power plant maintenance calculations

  1-A V pulley & Belt system is used for fuel feeding system. One of the pulley of size 6” is mounted on motor shaft & other 8” on gear box shaft. Then calculate the input speed to gear box if motor rated speed is 1450 RPM is transmitted through V belt to 8” pulley. We have, Speed of motor N1 = 1450 RPM Size of drive pulley (fitted on motor shaft) D1 = 6” Size of Non end drive pulley (fitted on Gear box input shaft) D2 = 8” Speed of pulley fitted on Gear box shaft N2 =? We have the formula for calculating the speed of non-drive end side N1 / N2 = D2 /D1 N2 = N1 X D1 / D2 N2 = 1450 X 6 / 8 N2 = 1087.5 RPM Speed of Non end drive end pulley N2 = 1087.5 RPM Note: If drive end pulley is smaller than non-end drive pulley, then non end drive pulley speed is always more than drive end pulley & Vice Versa 2-A gear box input & output speeds are 1475 RPM & 100 RPM respectively, then calculate the gear box reduction ratio We have, Gear box input s