Power plant and calculations

1-Powerplants thumb rules

2-Energy conservation in power plant

3-Calculation of PG cost in power plant

4-Steam condenser & vacuum

5-Boiler feed pumps QnA

6-Turbine practical questions & Answers

7-50-QnA on bearings

8-Power plant equipments efficiency calculations

9-Best practices to reduce power plant Auxiliary power consumption

10-Boiler safety valves QnA

11-QnA on fuel handling /belt conveyors

12-Reasons for machine vibrations

13-Thermal expansion in Boilers

14-30-things you must know about steam Turbines

15-QnA on power plant maintenance

16-22-Questions & Answers on Boiler troubleshooting

17-HP dosing system capacity calculations

18-WTP thumb rules

19-WTP QnA

20-Power plant equipments safe preservation methods

21-Fundamental about nut bolts

22-QnA on rigging technology

23-Power generation calculations in steam turbine

24-QnA on spent wash Boilers

25-Questions & Answers on air compressors

26-Know about Valves

27-QnA on batteries

28-IBR forms, acts & Regulations

29-QnA on HP heaters

30-Questions & Answers on Power Transformers

31-Protections & Interlocks in Power plant

32-Reasons for Boiler explosion

33-Reasons for more specific steam consumption of a steam Turbine

34-10-tips to reduce Boiler LOI

35-Procedure (SOP) for Boiler gauge glass line up

36-AFBC boiler questions & Answers

37-Factors considered for Boiler design & engineering

38-Boiler feed pumps design factors & pumps capacity calculation

39-Why does boiler back fire?

40-ESP troubleshooting

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