Top-85 interview questions for power plant shift incharge

 Top-85 interview questions for power plant shift incharge

General questions

1. What is the job profile or job description in your previous organization?

2. What are the challenging situations that you have faced in Boiler operation?

3. What re the challenging situations that you have faced in Turbine operation?

4. How you have managed multiple tasks during emergency operation?

5. What are the emergencies that you have come across during your shift operation & how you have handled those?

6. How do you handle conflicts or disagreements among team members during a shift?

7. In our industry, safety is a top priority. How do you promote and enforce safety protocols among your team?

8. What are the different types of LOTOs used in your plant?

9. What are the different types of work permits that you have come across?

10. Explain the JSAs of confined space work?

11. Explain the JSAs of hot work?

12. What do you mean by Near miss, TBT, PTW, RCA in safety?

13. Have you supervised the rigging task?

14. How do you coordinate with maintenance team?

15. How do you handle emergency situation in electrical system?

16. What are the reporting and documentation skills you have? and how often you do handle these?

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17. Have you done Root cause analysis of any failure or plant tripping? Explain

18. What do you mainly observe during your shift field rounds?

19. How do you guide your subordinates like control room engineers,field engineers and E&I team in your shift operation?

20. What methods do you use to motivate and manage your team to achieve their best performance?

Technical Questions

1. What are the major losses in Boilers?

2. What are the major reasons for more fuel consumption in Boilers

3. What do you mean by SFC, SSC, SFR, PLF, SHR, SMP, SOP?

4. What do you understand plant heat rate?

5. WHat are your plan of actions to reduce plant heat rate?

6. How vacuum is related to steam consumption in Turbine?

7. How do you calculate the efficiency of steam condenser?

8. How do you calculate the efficiency of cooling tower?

9. What do you mean by Approach in cooling towers?

10. How do you calculate the Evaporation loss in cooling towers

11. What are the various chemicals used in cooling towers?

12. How does feed water inlet temperature at economizer inlet affects the Boiler performance?

13. What do you mean by TTD & DCA in heat exchanger?

14. What is the pressure/draft loss in Economizer, APH and ESP?

15. What are the reasons for increase in Turbine bleed steam pressure?

16. What are the reasons for increase in Turbine wheel chamber pressure?

17. Name the various drum pulleys used in belt conveyors?

18. How do you specify the conveyor belt?

19. What is the function of VGTU?

20. Which is the smallest pulley in belt conveyors?

21. What is the speed of belt conveyors? And how do you calculate it?

22. What is the heat required to raise water temperature from 25 deg c to 100 deg C at atmospheric pressure?

23. Why the dry saturated steam is being used for process heating?

24. What do you mean by Enthalpy?

25. Write down the formula for Plant heat rate calculation

26. What are the various circuit breakers used in your electrical system?

27. What is the function of AVR?

28. What is the significance of reactive power in electrical system?

29. What are your plan of actions to reduce Auxiliary power consumption of power plant?

30. What are the major reasons for more steam consumption of steam Turbine?

31. What are the different types of bearings used in power plant?

32. What is the difference between bearing prefix and suffixes?

33. Where do you use taper roller bearing?

34. What do you mean by back lash in gears?

35. Name the significance of viscosity in lubricant oil?

36. What are the major/critical parameters of Turbine oil that you get tested yearly?

37. Differentiate between 3-element and 2-element drum level controllers?

38. What do you see/observe in plant P&I drawing?

39. What are IOs in DCS system.NAme some IOs

40. What is the acceptable limit of Boiler safety valve blow down?

41. What parameters are checked in coal ultimate and proximate analysis?

42. What is the function of chemical TSP in boilers?

43. What are the chemicals used for regeneration in DM plant?

44. What chemicals are used in HRSCC and explain their function?

45. What is the significance of RO plant?

46. What is the Turbidity level at inlet and outlet of HRSCC?

47. What is meant by MSDS? What does it contain?

48. Define absolute pressure and gauge pressure

49. What are the maintenance activities carried on Boilers during annual shutdown

50. Differentiate between preventive and break down maintenance?

51. What do you mean by Proactive maintenance and CBM?

52. What are the units of measurement of vibration and sound levels?

53. What are the interlocks provided for Boiler and Turbines?

54. What is the significance of vacuum breaker valve and Rapture discs provided in steam condensers?

55. What do you mean by critical equipment?

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