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Chain conveyor troubleshoot guide

  Problem Identification & Corrective Action Sl No. Problem Potential Cause Solution 1 Chain rises off from sprocket 1.Excess chain slack. 2.Excess wear at the bases of sprocket teeth. 3.Excess chain extension. 4.Foreign material stuck to the bases of sprocket teeth. 5.Reverse rotation of conveyor 6.Uneven chain tightening of chain 1.Adjust the amount of slack equally at both sides. 2.Carryout hard facing of the sprockets 3.Replace the elongated chain parts. 4.Remove the foreign material from the bases of the teeth. 5.Avoid reverse rotation of the conveyor when chain tightened is uneven 2 Chain separates poorly from the sprocket. 1.Sprocket misalignment. 2.Excess chain slack. 3.Excess wear at the bases of sprocket teeth. 4.Uneven chain tightening of chain 1-Adjust alignment. 2-Adjust the amount of slack.

Qualification,roles & responsibilities of power plant manager

    Qualification: BE or Diploma with BOE Experience: 10 to 15 years Requisite characters & Qualification: 1-He should have thorough knowledge of power plant operation, maintenance & troubleshooting. 2-He should have experience in minimum 3-4 power plants 3-He should have good communication skills 4-He should have good documentation skills 5-Power plant manager should have thorough knowledge in Operation & maintenance activities 6-He should have good soft skills 7-Should have good leadership & Ownership qualities 8-Should have patience & ability to listen his subordinates 9-Should look more on man & machine safety rather than generation & performance 10-Should conduct or arrange trainings among various departments 11-Should handle all situations calmly with patience 12-Should have ability to implement innovative ideas 13-Should have well versed with legal & statutory norms related to Boilers & power plant 14-Should hav

PMG, EXCITATION, AVR & Power generation phenomenon in Generators

PMG: The PMG (Permanent Magnet Generator) is a system which is used for secondary exciting. The PMG provides stable and reliable electric energy for AVR regardless the generator’s terminal voltage. The generator with PMG excitation system can provide 300% rated current during short-circuit, which occurs for 5–10 seconds. The most common function of a diode is to allow an electric current to pass in one direction (called the diode’s forward direction), while blocking it in the opposite direction (the reverse direction). As such, the diode can be viewed as an electronic version of a check valve. This unidirectional behavior is called rectification, and is used to convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC). EXCITER & EXCITATION: DC supply is required to give to the field winding of a generator. This DC supply is obtained from various sources. Supply of DC power to the field is called excitation. There are two types of excitation. • Separately e