What are the statutory and Legal compliances for Power plant installation,operation and maintenance???


Ø Water pollution and prevention:Rules - 1975 , Act -1988 Issued by CPCB or SPCB,Record:Water consent

Ø Water cess act:Act - 1992,2017 Rules - 2003 Act - 1992,Issued by CPCB or SPCB

Ø Air pollution and prevention rule:Act-1987,Issued by CPCB or SPCB

Ø Notification  - National Ambient Air Quality Standards 1994 &  Ambient Air Quality Standard for Ammonia (NH3) 1998,Issued by CPCB or SPCB

Ø The Environment (Protection) Act, 1986, form V,Issued by CPCB or SPCB

Ø Noise pollution (regulation and control) rules,14-02-2000 ,Issued by  SPCB

Ø The Batteries (management and handling) rules, 2001,Issued by CPCB or SPCB: Record: stock register

Ø The Plastics(Manufacture, Usage and Waste Management) Rules,2009,,Issued by CPCB or SPCB: Record: Purchase order

Ø Plastic Waste Management (Second Amendment)Rules, 2021

Ø The Manufacture, storage and import of hazardous chemical rules, 1989, Record: MSD,,Issued by CPCB or SPCB:

Ø The Hazardous Wastes (Management, Handling & Transboundry  Movement) Rules, 2010, Issued by CPCB or SPCB: Record: Generation data

Ø The Bio-medical waste (management and handling) rules, 1998,Generation & Disposal record

Ø The Ozone depleting substances (regulation and control) rules, 2000 , Issued by:Ministry of Environment and Forests.Record: Gas details

Ø The Public liability insurance Act,1991,issued by:Ministry of Environment and Forests, Records: Insurance copy

Ø Explosives:Petroleum Act 1934, Rules 1976, Issued by: PESO, Record: License copy

Ø Gas Cylinder rules, 1981,Issued by: PESO, Record: License copy

Ø BARC -Radiography Protection rule-2004,Issued by: BARC. Record: Radiography Operator Certificate

Ø Factories Act 1948 :

Ø Approval of plans from the chief inspector of Factories (FA1948 Sc 6, MFR1963 Rule 3), Issued by DISH officer.Record: Form No.I

Ø Stability certificate (FA1948 sc 6, MFR1963 rule 3A),Issued by DISH officer.Record: Form No.IA

Ø Testing of drinking water (MFR 1963 Rule 43),Issued by DISH .Record:Test certificate

Ø Maintain report of examination of Lifting Machines, ropes & lifting tackles (FA1948 sc31,MFR1963 Rule 65),Issued by DISH.Records: Form No. 13 & Boiler passing Certificate

Ø Maintain Muster roll (FA1948 sc 92-106, MFR 1963 rule 122),Issued by DISH.Records: Form No. 29

Ø Workers participation in Safety Management (FA1948 sc 41G,MFR1963 Rule 73J)

Ø Health and safety policy, written statement.(FA1948 sc41 B, 7 A (3),MFR1963 Rule  8,121,122,73 - L, Record: HSE policy

Ø Fire Fighting Equipments in good working  condition - Maintenance record.

Ø Prepare & Disclose the information regarding On Site Emergency Plan.

Ø 1. Use of portable electric light  below 24 V inside any chamber, tank….

Ø 2. Use of flameproof fitting light below 24 v inside confined space of flammable gases area.

Ø Availability Of first aid Boxes

Ø Portable fire extinguisher -1 for every 500 sq. meter and placed max. 30 meter (MFR 1963 Rule 71 b (7))apart. ( As per IS stds -2190 )

Read Boiler IBR standards for inspection

Ø Factory Act 1948, Sec-21-Fencing of machinery.-

Ø Factory Act 1948, Sec-32-Floors, Stairs and Means of Access (1) Training 2) Work on height permit. 3) PPE's to be used. 4) safe working procedure to be followed.)

Ø Factory Act 1948, Sec-35-Protection of Eyes.- PPE"S are provided and used

Ø MFR 73-J (Under Sections 41 & 41-G of FA)-Safety Committee:1) Safety Committee members list 2) Attendance sheets of  meetings 3) Minutes of the meetings.

Ø Workmen compenstion / ESI, 1948, issued by ministory of labour

Ø The Contract Labour ( Regulation & Abolition ) Act 1970, issued by ministory of labour

Ø The Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition ) Act 1970,

Ø Indian Boiler Act 1923 & Indian Boiler Regulations, 1950 ,The  Boiler Rules - 1966, Issued by Inspectorate of Boilers: Record: Boiler operators certificates

Ø Indian Boiler Act 1923 & Indian Boiler Regulations, 1950, The  Boiler Rules - 1967,Issued by Inspectorate of Boilers: Record: Competant person test reports

Ø Energy Conservation Act 2003, Issued by: BEE

Ø The Indian Electricity Rules, 1956

Ø Central Electricity Authority (Measures      relating to Safety and Electricity Supply) Regulations, 2007 DRAFT

Ø Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989, Issued by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Records: PUCC

Ø INDIAN WIRELESS TELEGRAPHY ACT 1933(ACT XVIII OF 1933),issued by:Ministry of Communication, WPC Wing, Sanchar Bhawan, 20 Ashoka

Road, New Delhi-110 001, Record:Application for a licence to possess Wireless

Receiving and or Transmitting Apparatus

Ø THE DISASTER MANAGEMENT ACT 2003, Issued by: State Disaster Management Authority, Records: Mock drill reports

Ø The Chemical Accidents (Emergency Planning, Preparedness and Response) Rules, 1996,Issued by Ministry of Environment and Forests.Records:Mock Drill reports to District Collector

Ø Inter State Migrant Worker Act- 1979, issued by:Ministry of Labour.Record:Obtain licence under ISMW act

Ø Rule 40-Excavation or tunnel suitable measures are taken to avoid exposure of building workers to health hazards

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