How do you calculate the quantity of sulphur dioxide produced in Boilers???


To calculate the generation of sulfur dioxide (SO2) in boilers, you need to consider the sulfur content in the fuel being burned, the combustion process, and the sulfur conversion efficiency. Here's a general method to calculate SO2 generation:

Determine Fuel Sulfur Content:

Find out the sulfur content of the fuel you are using in the boiler. This information is typically provided in the fuel specifications and is usually given in weight percent or parts per million (ppm) by weight.

Calculate Sulfur Mass Flow Rate:

Determine the mass flow rate of the fuel being burned in the boiler. This can be measured or estimated based on the flow rate and properties of the fuel.

Calculate Sulfur in the Fuel:

Multiply the fuel mass flow rate by the sulfur content of the fuel to calculate the mass of sulfur being introduced into the combustion process.

Mass of Sulfur in Fuel (kg/hr) = Fuel Mass Flow Rate (kg/hr) × Sulfur Content (% by weight or ppm)

Determine Sulfur Conversion Efficiency:

The combustion process may not convert all of the sulfur in the fuel into sulfur dioxide (SO2). The sulfur conversion efficiency depends on various factors, including combustion temperature, excess air, and the type of combustion equipment. You can estimate the sulfur conversion efficiency based on boiler design and operating conditions. Common values range from 90% to 99%.

Calculate SO2 Generation:

Multiply the mass of sulfur in the fuel by the sulfur conversion efficiency to determine the mass of SO2 generated during combustion.

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Calculate the Sulphur dioxide generated per day in a 100 TPH boiler, where coal burned is having 0.6% of sulphur. Consider steam to fuel ratio  6 & Boiler operates on full load for 24 hours.

Assume sulphur conversion efficiency 90%

We have S + O2 = SO2

32 + 32 = 64

1 + 1 = 2

That is 1 kg of sulphur generates 2 kg of Sulphur dioxide on complete combustion.

Total coal consumed in a day = Steam generated in 24 hours / Steam to coal ratio

Total coal consumed in a day = 100 X 24 / 6

Total coal consumed in a day = 400 Tones/day

Total sulphur in coal = 400 X 0.6/100 =2.4 Tones

Therefore total SO2 generated = 2.4 X 2 X 90% =4.32 Tones

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