Steam Turbine standard operating procedures (SOPs)


Lube oil system operation


  • Ensure lube oil tank level is normal
  • Ensure lube oil pumps are healthy to operate
  • Ensure lube filter & cooler are in service
  • Ensure lube oil inlet and outlet valve provided at filters & coolers are open
  • Ensure cooling water inlet & outlet valves provided for oil coolers are in closed condition
  • Ensure suction & discharge valve of the pumps are in opened condition


  • Start the oil pump (AOP)
  • Ensure no abnormal sound & vibrations
  • Observe the discharge pressure
  • Ensure header pressure is normal, if not adjust with PRV or recirculation valve
  • Check the oil filter DP, if high change over the filter
  • Check overhead oil tank is getting filling
  • Ensure lub oil is supplying to each bearing & adjust the oil pressure to each bearing as per desired requirement
  • Maintain the oil temperature by adjusting cooling water inlet & outlet valves.

Note: Keep open cooling water inlet valve 100% open & adjust the temperature by adjusting outlet valve
  • Ensure the over head oil tank is full
  • Keep stand by lube oil pump & EOP ready

Barring gear operation

  • Ensure lube oil system is in service and oil is circulating at the bearings at a desired pressure
  • Ensure barring gear motor is healthy to start & its all interlocks are in place
  • Engage the barring gear clutch
  • Start the barring gear motor
  • Observe the rotor is rotating at barring speed without increase in bearing vibrations & temperature
  • Ensure there is no any abnormal sound

Cooling water system operation


  • Ensure the cooling tower level is normal
  • Ensure cooling water pump is healthy to operate & their protections & interlocks are in place
  • Ensure cooling water pump (MCWP) suction valve is open & discharge valve is closed
  • Ensure all the field instruments are healthy & inline
  • Ensure surface condenser inlet & outlet cooling water line valves are open
  • Ensure Condenser water box vents are open
  • Ensure cooling tower inlet cooling water line valves are open

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  • Start the pump from DCS at 70% RPM
  • Open the discharge valve slowly
  • Observe discharge pressure is increasing gradually
  • Ensure the pump’s vibration & bearing temperatures are normal
  • After venting air from condenser water box close the vent valves
  • Observe cooling water is falling in cooling water
  • Increase the pump’s speed as per requirement
  • Note down cooling water inlet & outlet water temperature of condenser
  • Start cooling tower fans one by one as per requirement

 SOP Lube oil & Oil cooler change over

Condensate system operation

  • Ensure the hot well level is adequate. Otherwise make the hot well level with DM water
  • Ensure the CEP is healthy & its all interlocks are in place
  • Ensure pump’s suction & discharge valves are open
  • Ensure ejector & gland sealing steam condenser inlet & outlet cooling water line valves are open
  • Start the pump, ensure the water will flow from ejector & Gland steam condenser (GSC)
  • Ensure gland steam outlet control valve to deaerator is close & cooling water is recirculating through recirculating control valve
  • If the hot well level increases, then GSC discharge valve can be opened
  • Once the Turbine comes into line,GSC outlet control valve should be kept in auto mode to maintain hot well level
  • Vacuum pulling & Vacuum killing
  • Pre-checks
  • Ensure auxiliary steam is available at desired pressure and temperature
  • Ensure vacuum breaker valve fitted on steam condenser is closed
  • Ensure cooling water is circulating in the condenser and the turbine gland is charged fully at 0.1 kg/cm2
  • Ensure live steam line to ejector steam lines drain are kept open
  • Ensure Hogger & main ejectors steam and air valves are in closed condition

Vacuum pulling through hogger ejector

  • Charge the main steam line to ejector steam & temperature control valve
  • Ensure the rated pressure (10 kg/cm2) and temperature (220 deg C) for ejector vacuum pulling
  • Once the rated parameters are reached open the steam valve of starting or hogger ejector
  • Observe the steam is vented to the atmosphere
  • Then open the ejector airline valve
  • Observe vacuum inside the condenser increasing slowly and will reach 60 to 70% of rated vacuum within 20 minutes

SOP to put main ejector into line

  • Ensure CEP is running
  • Ensure cooling water inlet and outlet valves of main ejector which is to be taken into line
  • Vent out air from water box of the ejector
  • Then open the drain valve of inter condenser and after condenser of ejector
  • Open the steam valve of after condenser ejector
  • Open the steam valve of inter condenser ejector
  • Observe the condensate is drained out from both the condensers
  • Slowly open the air valve & observe the vacuum is increasing
  • When vacuum reaches rated, then stop the hogger or starting ejector

Vacuum killing or Taking out of main ejector

  • Close the air valve of the ejector
  • Close the steam valve of inter condenser
  • Close the steam valve of after condenser
  • Close the drain valves of after & inter condensers
  • Close the cooling water inlet & outlet valve once the ejector is cooled


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