Why pressure reducing of steam is being done before de-super heating?

 Following advantages we can have, if pressure reducing is done before de-super heating

  1.  Reducing the pressure before de-super heating helps in controlling the steam temperature with great accuracy.High-pressure steam entering the de-superheating station can be challenging to control accurately due to its high energy content. By reducing the pressure, the energy content decreases, allowing for better control of the de-superheating process and ensuring that the desired steam temperature is achieved.
  2.  Heat transfer between water & steam is more better at lower pressure
  3.  Helps is protecting the down stream equipment if desuper heating is done at lower pressure since there will not be no any much chances of low or high temperature steam entry into the Turbine or process.
  4.  Erosion of down stream pipe lines can be minimized due to high pressure & high velocity steam
  5.  Cost of high pressure lines can be reduced.
  6.  Total head required for de-superheating water will be reduced, thereby reducing feed pump pumping power.
  7.  Related cost of control valves & pipe lines will be reduced
  8.  Damage to the de-super heating equipment can be reduced by avoiding thermal shock by avoiding direct mixing of high pressure steam and high pressure water
  9.  Pressure reduction before the de-superheating station helps maintain safe operating condition.High-pressure steam carries a greater risk of causing damage or injury in the event of a malfunction or sudden pressure surge. By reducing the pressure beforehand, the risk of high-pressure steam reaching the de-superheating station is mitigated, enhancing overall system safety.
  10.  Pressure reduction can also contribute to overall system efficiency. Lowering the pressure before the de-superheating station helps control the temperature more effectively, resulting in more efficient heat transfer and reduced energy consumption.
  11. Reducing the pressure before de super heating will also helps in reducing the temperature of steam, which helps in reduction of water quantity required for desuper heating


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