Clear steps for Boiler Safety valves major overhauling

 Boiler Safety valve major overhauling steps

  • Cleaning of safety valve
  • Complete dismantling of safety valve.
  • Cleaning, polishing & buffing of parts.
  • Thorough inspection of all parts.
  • Seat & disc lapping
  • Spindle run out (bend) checking
  • Spring checking for any abnormalities like crack, bend, reduced tension etc
  • Lapping of both disc & seat.
  • Inspection of upper & lower ring teeth for damage/crac
  • Measurement & re-assembly.
  • Inspection of discharge pipe connection. If there is telescopic discharge pipe, then ensure a gap of minimum 10 mm for thermal expansion.


1-After seat & disc lapping, place lower nozzle ring on seat & level both the faces

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2-After leveling, turn the lower ring by 3 notches in clockwise direction.

For example if Safety valve’s operating pressure is 117 kg/cm2, then 117 kg/cm2/42.4 kg/cm2 = 2.75 Appx. 3 Nos i.e 42.4 kg/cm2 for every notch (For more details, refer manufacturing data)

 Then lock the lower ring by inserting lower set screw

3- Take measurement from seat top to guide (89-90mm)                                          

4-Then measure the length of upper ring (it should be same as seat top to body top) & place it into the body

5-Fit disc to spindle then place disc with disc holder & spindle into the body & lock it by set screw

6-Put a body on spindle & lock the spindle by split pins & adjust the lift ,to increase the lift , rotate the lift stop collar clockwise & to decrease the lift, rotate the collar in anticlockwise direction. For every one full rotation, 1.58 mm lift can be adjusted.

7-Then fit the lower spring washer & helical compression spring

8-Then fit upper washer & yoke assy. thrust bearing & spindle lock nuts 

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To increase the blow down: Lower the upper ring by 7 notches for 1Kg/cm2

To decrease the blow down: Raise the upper ring by 7 notches/1 Kg/cm2

To reduce shimmering: Raise the lower ring by one notch up, if not adjusted again rise one notch up. This is allowable till ring levels seat top.


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