Constructional materials & welding electrodes used in power plant

What are the various materials used in power plants construction???
1-Low Carbon Steel IS 2062, IS 1239: For structural steels like plates, angles, channels, beams, platform, walkways & LP steam lines etc.

2-High Carbon Steel SA 106 Gr. B/C, SA210 Gr, B/C, SA 516 Gr. 70: For Boiler pressure parts like water wall panels, headers, economiser coils, down comers, feed water lines, steam drum etc.
3-Alloy Steel SA 213 Gr. T11, T22, T91 and SA 335 P11/P22: Super heater coils and main steam pipe lines.
4-Cast Iron: Travelling grate materials, pulley, coupling etc.
5-Copper: Air conditioning cooling lines.
6-Brass: Surface condenser and oil cooler tubes.
7-Stain Less Steel SS 304, 316, 410 etc: Ejector tubes, surface condenser/oil cooler tubes, control valve stems & valve trim materials
8-Plastics: PVC pipe lines, valves, tanks etc.
9-Steam Turbine
  • ESV: Cast alloy steel
  • HP Casing: Cast alloy steel
  • LP Casing: Carbon steel
  • Rotor: Forged chromium, molybdenum and vanadium alloy steel
  • Blades: Alloy steel
  • Bearings: Liner Babbitt or white metals
  • Labyrinth: Phosphorous, lead and aluminum

What welding electrodes are generally used in power plants various welding works???

Sl No.
Particular Material and Grade
Type of Welding
Welding Electrodes Used
Low carbon steel IS 2062/1239
E 6013
General welding works like structures, non IBR pipe lines plates etc.
Carbon steels SA 106 Gr.B/C, SA 210 Gr.A/C, SA 516 Gr.70, SA 234, etc.
ER 70 S2
E 7018
Boiler water wall panels, economizer coils, evaporator headers, process steam lines etc.
Low alloy steel SA 213/SA-335 Gr.T11/P11
ER 80S B2
E 8018 B2
Primary super heater coils, headers, soot blower lines etc.
High alloy steel SA 213/SA-335 Gr.T22/P22 and T91/P91
ER 90S B3/90S B9
E 9018 B3

Secondary and radiant super heater coils, main steam line etc.

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