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Chain conveyor troubleshoot guide

  Problem Identification & Corrective Action Sl No. Problem Potential Cause Solution 1 Chain rises off from sprocket 1.Excess chain slack. 2.Excess wear at the bases of sprocket teeth. 3.Excess chain extension. 4.Foreign material stuck to the bases of sprocket teeth. 5.Reverse rotation of conveyor 6.Uneven chain tightening of chain 1.Adjust the amount of slack equally at both sides. 2.Carryout hard facing of the sprockets 3.Replace the elongated chain parts. 4.Remove the foreign material from the bases of the teeth. 5.Avoid reverse rotation of the conveyor when chain tightened is uneven 2 Chain separates poorly from the sprocket. 1.Sprocket misalignment. 2.Excess chain slack. 3.Excess wear at the bases of sprocket teeth. 4.Uneven chain tightening of chain 1-Adjust alignment. 2-Adjust the amount of slack.

Various IBR forms, acts & regulations for a power plant engineers

Sl No. IBR Form No. Details of forms 1 I Memorandum for Boiler inspection or registration 2 II Issued by inspection authority during new construction 3 II A Issued by inspection authority during new construction for foreign code boilers 4 III Certificate of manufacture issued by constructor 5 III A Steam pipe line test certificate  issued by manufacturer 6 III B Tubes  test certificate issued by manufacturer 7 III C Test certificates for  fittings & mountings (Valves,bend,elbow,tee etc) 8 III F Test certificates of casting & forging issued by manufacturer 9 V Boiler use provisional order issued by Boiler inspector authority 10 VI Certificate issued by  directorate of steam boiler for boiler use 11 VII Inspecting authority (directorate of steam boiler) certif

Batteries & troubleshooting

   1-List down the applications of auxiliary DC power supply system in Power plants?   Protections relays Circuit breakers DCS Trip circuits Signaling Telephone system & communication Emergency lighting Transmitters & Positioners Emergency oil pumps Metering panels 2-List down the various DC voltages & their applications in power plants Sl No. Voltage Applications 1 220 VDC & 110 VDC Protection system Emergency lighting Trip & closing coil of circuit breakers Operating mechanisms 2 48 VDC Telephone communication 3 +/- 24 VDC Control circuits Measuring instruments Static relays 3-What is the power source for DC supply? Main power source is lead-acid storage battery & AC/DC rectifier set 4-What are the installation requirements for lead acid battery ? The room should be isolated from other system Room should have adequate lighting & venti

Valves: DO you know these..???

  Valve is a Mechanical or electromechanical device which is used to control the flow, pressure & temperature of fluid. Generally Globe valve, Gate valves, Butterfly valve, diaphragm valve, needle valve, Non return valves etc used in power plant various applications. The materials which are directly in contact with high pressure & temperature fluid are called trim materials. IBR Valves materials are manufactured according to the ASME class 16.34 B “Y” type globe valves have minimum pressure drop as compared to normal globe valves WCB indicates cast carbon steel, includes the standard A 216 . Used for fluid temperature up to 425 deg C WC-6 indicates Chromium Molybdenum steel, includes the standard A 217. Used for fluid temperature up to 575 deg C WC-9 indicates Cast alloy steel, includes the standard A 217. Used for fluid temperature up to 593 deg C SA 105 indicates forged & SA 182 indicates forged alloy steels Equivalent grades of valves: SA 216 WCB/WCC