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Chain conveyor troubleshoot guide

  Problem Identification & Corrective Action Sl No. Problem Potential Cause Solution 1 Chain rises off from sprocket 1.Excess chain slack. 2.Excess wear at the bases of sprocket teeth. 3.Excess chain extension. 4.Foreign material stuck to the bases of sprocket teeth. 5.Reverse rotation of conveyor 6.Uneven chain tightening of chain 1.Adjust the amount of slack equally at both sides. 2.Carryout hard facing of the sprockets 3.Replace the elongated chain parts. 4.Remove the foreign material from the bases of the teeth. 5.Avoid reverse rotation of the conveyor when chain tightened is uneven 2 Chain separates poorly from the sprocket. 1.Sprocket misalignment. 2.Excess chain slack. 3.Excess wear at the bases of sprocket teeth. 4.Uneven chain tightening of chain 1-Adjust alignment. 2-Adjust the amount of slack.

Top-6 best power plant operation and maintenance books

 1. An Introduction to Thermal Power Plant Engineering and Operation: For Power Plant Professionals  Paperback – 27 October 2018 Rs 610  2-Practical Boiler Operation Engineering & Power  Paperback – 25 July 2015 Viva Questions & answers for preparation of BOE exam & interview 3-Industrial Maintenance Process: Mechanical Maintenance  Paperback – 9 March 2020                                  4-Industrial Maintenance Process (Volume II): Electrical, Instrumentation & Control  Paperback – 10 August 2020                                                                5-Practical Approach to Power Plant Operation and Maintenance: Based on Professional Field Experience  Paperback – 28 February 2019                                                                                                            6-Boiler Operation Engineer Exam Question and Answer  Paperback – 1 January 2017