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Introduction to power plant

A power plant also referred to as a power station and which generates power, it is an energy producing source and the final form of energy being converted is electrical energy. Power plant is one of the most vital sectors for any country or industry. In this competitive world nothing will move without the  electric power, be it an industry, home, office etc.So such an important sector needs to be operated and maintained very dexterously, efficiently and safely. Based on the primary source of energy power plant are of following types; Wind power plants:  Primary source of energy is natural wind, the speed of win is being utilized to produce electric energy. Solar power plants:  Primary energy is the energy received from the sun that again is converted into electric energy. Hydal power plant:  As the name indicates primary source of the energy is Hydro-water Tidal power plant:  Energy present in the tides is utilized for producing the electric energy Geothermal power p