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Procedure for Boiler Gauge glass line up & Flushing

Boiler Gauge glass: is a transparent glass of shape tubular, flat or square blocks fitted to the boiler steam drum to facilitate a visual indication of the water level of a steam drum. These types of glasses are manufactured by borosilicate glass which is robust, temperature & chemical resistant.   TOP-6 BEST POWER PLANT O&M BOOKS Boiler calculations for Boiler operation engineer (BOE) exam Line up of Gauge glass: Ensure all tools & required PPEs are taken to operate the valves (Hand gloves, Safety goggles, “F” rods etc) Ensure steam & water side valve of gauge glass are healthy & operating properly Ensure there are no any leakages Ensure steam side & water side valves are closed Ensure gauge glass drain valve is open & drain is connected/extended to safe location Now crack open the steam valve & check for any leakages in gauge glass. Wait for some times until system heats uniformly. Then crack open the water side valve, wait for some time for stabiliz

10-tips to reduce LOI/unburnt in Boilers

    1- Optimization  of fuel moisture in the fuel: Higher moisture in the fuel leads to unbalanced draft in the furnace or combustion chamber. Which ultimately results into poor mixture of air & fuel, higher moisture fuel demands more excess air. So optimization of fuel moisture will help to reduction in LOI. 2-Maintaining balanced draft in furnace: Unbalanced draft is nothing but more FD air/less ID draft or less FD air /More ID Draft. More FD & less ID causes back fire & improper mixing of air & fuel. More ID & less FD causes escape of fuel particles from furnace without proper combustion 3-Maintaining 3Ts of combustion: 3Ts of combustions are: Temperature, Time & Turbulence Temperature: For proper combustion temperature of the furnace must be sufficient enough to burn the fuel completely. Time: There must be sufficient time for combustion Turbulence: There should be proper turbulence in furnace for proper mixing of air & fuel 4-Incre