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Chain conveyor troubleshoot guide

  Problem Identification & Corrective Action Sl No. Problem Potential Cause Solution 1 Chain rises off from sprocket 1.Excess chain slack. 2.Excess wear at the bases of sprocket teeth. 3.Excess chain extension. 4.Foreign material stuck to the bases of sprocket teeth. 5.Reverse rotation of conveyor 6.Uneven chain tightening of chain 1.Adjust the amount of slack equally at both sides. 2.Carryout hard facing of the sprockets 3.Replace the elongated chain parts. 4.Remove the foreign material from the bases of the teeth. 5.Avoid reverse rotation of the conveyor when chain tightened is uneven 2 Chain separates poorly from the sprocket. 1.Sprocket misalignment. 2.Excess chain slack. 3.Excess wear at the bases of sprocket teeth. 4.Uneven chain tightening of chain 1-Adjust alignment. 2-Adjust the amount of slack.

Procedure for Boiler Gauge glass line up & Flushing

Boiler Gauge glass: is a transparent glass of shape tubular, flat or square blocks fitted to the boiler steam drum to facilitate a visual indication of the water level of a steam drum. These types of glasses are manufactured by borosilicate glass which is robust, temperature & chemical resistant.   TOP-6 BEST POWER PLANT O&M BOOKS Boiler calculations for Boiler operation engineer (BOE) exam Line up of Gauge glass: Ensure all tools & required PPEs are taken to operate the valves (Hand gloves, Safety goggles, “F” rods etc) Ensure steam & water side valve of gauge glass are healthy & operating properly Ensure there are no any leakages Ensure steam side & water side valves are closed Ensure gauge glass drain valve is open & drain is connected/extended to safe location Now crack open the steam valve & check for any leakages in gauge glass. Wait for some times until system heats uniformly. Then crack open the water side valve, wait for some time for stabiliz

10-tips to reduce LOI/unburnt in Boilers

    1- Optimization  of fuel moisture in the fuel: Higher moisture in the fuel leads to unbalanced draft in the furnace or combustion chamber. Which ultimately results into poor mixture of air & fuel, higher moisture fuel demands more excess air. So optimization of fuel moisture will help to reduction in LOI. 2-Maintaining balanced draft in furnace: Unbalanced draft is nothing but more FD air/less ID draft or less FD air /More ID Draft. More FD & less ID causes back fire & improper mixing of air & fuel. More ID & less FD causes escape of fuel particles from furnace without proper combustion 3-Maintaining 3Ts of combustion: 3Ts of combustions are: Temperature, Time & Turbulence Temperature: For proper combustion temperature of the furnace must be sufficient enough to burn the fuel completely. Time: There must be sufficient time for combustion Turbulence: There should be proper turbulence in furnace for proper mixing of air & fuel 4-Incre